3 tips to integrate email and search engine marketing

Inbound marketing, calls for integration of strategies and channels for amplifying success rate. Merging both search engine optimization and email marketing becomes a great repository for traffic and lead generation, respectively. So, how do we integrate? Here are some valuable tips.

  • Test and apply

Once, you have figured out an incredible offer, don’t email it instantly. Wait till you finish a simple research regarding the conversion rate from your landing pages and the offer, after observing the PPC campaigns, blogs and search engine traffic. This can be your test drive and then, make the necessary alterations in the content you have framed for the offers or landing pages, prior to sending it to everyone in your list.

  • PPC campaigns for better CTR or click through rate

Out of the blue, you cannot channel lead generation from your specific targets. For this, you need to make your specific targets aware of your ideas, for better conversion rates. To implement this tactic, you need to create a PPC campaign as a precursor to increase the CTRs for your email marketing.

  • Lead generation optimized

Collect necessary email data with regards to the prominent topics and offers that garner the most click-through rates. This is easy to obtain, if you are involved in email marketing for a considerable time since, you can immediately refer back to the data you have already recorded on your lead generation campaigns. With this data, prioritize search engine optimization endeavors using high frequency keywords and offers, obtained from email marketing efforts.

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