Choosing a SEO Company

When Google comes out and tells you what you should be looking out for in an SEO agency or firm it is important to listen up. Matt Cutt’s states that there are certain red flags you should listen out for when searching for a search engine marketing company to help you out with your exposure. He claims there are many good SEO agencies out there but there are also some bad apples to watch out for.
Things to watch out for when interviewing SEO Agencies:
Vagueness: If you are not sure what the SEO agency is planning on doing you should find a different vendor. Search engine optimization is not voodoo or magic; it is proactively marketing your business online that should be easily explained for the most part.
Sketchiness: If the person you are speaking over the phone or in person seems a bit uneasy and portrays some fly by night characteristics chances are your gut feeling is correct. Find someone you feel comfortable speaking with and being around and you will feel much better about your overall investment.
Take the time and find the right person or company to outsource your online marketing to so you feel good and safe about your business exposure. The wrong search engine marketing professional could quickly drive your website into the ground if things should go wrong with their approach. You should always understand completely the marketing efforts that will be surrounding your business online and what steps your SEO agency will take.
MUST check into 2 critical areas before engaging a SEO Agency :
1. Experience and Track record ? : Find out , how long they have been executing SEO / PPC / SMO campaigns for clients . How many projects have they executed thus far ? What types of clients (eg) local one zip code contractors type businesses ..etc versus national B2B Companies.
2. SKILLS ? : FIND OUT : HOW MANY ” FULL TIME ” PROGRAMMERS , DESIGNERS AND CONTENT WRITERS they have on staff . & ask about their staffs education and work histories aswell .
Buyer Beware ! Do your Due Deligence.

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  • nmjmedia

    Great write-up! There are many makeshift companies out there that can promise you the world, will take your money, and you will still be number 250,000 in page ranking… Being able to fully explain and show detail of the work you are or would be performing is crucial in this industry.