Connecting With The Community: How to Develop Quality Social Networking Content

Connecting With The Community

Most major organizations now have some sort of presence online. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or with a personal website, all major companies are beginning to recognize the power of online advertising and content promotion. There is no longer any legitimate claim to be made that would make a good case for a company to remain offline. Whether a major corporation or small start-up company, everyone that wants to sell something needs an online presence or they will miss out on an enormous market share that will surely be eaten up by the competition.

As more of these companies sign on, they are developing websites and social media outlets and pushing some type of content for their potential user base to consume. The problem people are now facing is an issue of what content they need to be pushing. You’ve got a website and a Facebook, great. Now what are you going to do with it? If you’ve taken a look around this site, you may have come across a recent post, Tips to Social Media, which covered some of the basics of making the most of your media outlets. This article however is focused solely on developing content and implementing it into your website or social media accounts.

I’ve seen many local companies in the Baton Rouge area come and go online. They attempt to reach new customers and interact with them via websites and Facebook, but beyond the aspect of friend requests they get stumped. I’ve got the friends and visitors, where’s my market share? Without some process of developing and sharing quality content online your user base will eventually become a white-list of people you wish you could be in contact with, and once they’re gone they’re going to be hard to get back. By creating and sharing quality content, you will help keep your users interested and provide a reason to new users to stick around.

Content is anything and everything you share with your user base. Whether its a tweet, a status update, a new article on your websites blog, or comment from a customer, anything you put online that is visible is considered content. That said, the quality and relevance of the content you create is what will determine how effective your social media accounts will be.

Once your accounts are created and your website is running properly, gather your team (or yourself) together and discuss how you’re going to handle content creation and distribution. The following information will help you decide who will be responsible for content creation and management and how will you distribute it.

Before you start developing content:

  • Decide who will be involved with developing your content
  • What departments will be submitting content?
  • Who will the content be sent to for review prior to upload?
  • Decide how often you want content submitted, due dates and review dates for anyone involved.
  • Will content on your website be different than your other social media pages?
  • Who will be responsible for submitting content to each medium?


Research Your User Base:

  • Who is your user base?
  • What type of content will need to be created?
  • What will your users be interested in reading?
  • How will you communicate with your users and who will be responsible for it?
  • Will your content be information only or used for discussions?
  • What other content will you create that will interest your users besides product related content?


Decide on your content:

  • What can your company provide to your users?
  • What information are you willing to disclose in your articles?
  • Will we include interviews as part of the new content and who could we interview?
  • What style of writing will we use? What best represents our company brand?
  • What content will appeal to our user base the most?


There are many questions that should be answered before you develop your content and begin distributing it. When you research your user base and figure out what information they would like to see your social media outlets will be more effective as your content will increase your relevance.

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