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Myths abound on the easiest route that one can take in order to get to the top of those page rankings of search engines using search engine optimization. A lot of experts with many years of experience in the world of building backlinks vouch for the use of edu backlinks which are essentially sites with .edu extensions to them. Sites with .edu extensions are said to have additional credibility when compared to other sites. This remains a subject of debate though it has been demonstrated before that edu backlinks actually work. Edu as a domain extension is considered a top notch domain. The other six top domains include .com,.mil,.org,.net The edu domain was originally intended to be used by educational institutions in the United States. Institutions that can be said to have been pioneers of using .edu domain include,,,, etc.

There are several conditions that must be met by a learning institution that wishes to commence using the edu domain and therefore edu backlinks. The first one is that the learning institution should be accredited by an accrediting agency from the United States Department of Education. Foreign based educational institutions exhibit their own special versions of this domain. Their edu domain is usually accompanied by an additional code of their home country for Mexico,.ph for the Philippines for Kenya. This requirement that is applied whenever an institution wants to procure a .edu domain holds a lot of weight and as a result, search engines are able to rank that particular web page highly. Building backlinks using edu backlinks is a nice and assured way of securing those top spaces in the first page of search engine rankings. Web pages with edu domains do not use links in their web sites. In most instances, they only use their web sites for purposes of marketing.

Whenever you are building backlinks and you want to use edu backlinks, it is important to remember that search engines pay a lot of attention in the way that these links are used in the respective edu domain. The web site which you might be targeting for improvement through the use of edu backlinks needs to have relevant content to the edu domain. A good example is where a study on nuclear physics is published and linked to a planned exhibition of the various uses of nuclear power in the modern world. A bad example of building links that are not relevant in content is where a college forum is connected to an e store. However, through careful thinking and ingenuity, such a link can still prove to be beneficial to the sales of the e store.

SEO Professionals and other experts in this field greatly detest Spamming which results through the posting of irrelevant content. Building links through the use of edu backlinks can greatly enhance the rankings of your website provided you toe the line of relevancy. Necessary steps have been adopted to nip in the bud abuse of the edu domain which is a really powerful domain type. This aims to keep their credibility intact.

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