Facebook Marketing Tips for local small businesses

Dreaming of number one spot on the first page of Google traffic results for their keywords and for good reason – Google owns all small businesses are already.

The ranking is illusory own page where money is the idea of your site in top of the results are listed for your keyword, you get full of free web traffic and visitors of the site that then turn into sales or Place, this leads to your salesFunnel.

While all small businesses should implement strategies for key words on their website in top results for their “small business owners also need to shift their attention to the Internet to incorporate the social element.

Google no longer has any traffic on the Internet. Facebook, the social side, their children have a whole day has really become a real threat to Google and how people interact with theInternet.

Say no, before that Facebook is only for young people and you can not see your product or service on Facebook, then think again.

Here are two very important trends and statistics that every small business owner needs to worry if they want a future in business to do (Yes, I think this is so important)

1 -. visitors Facebook is now the most Web traffic to / from external web sites to Google.
2 -. Facebookis the largest display ad network on the Internet to date.

When you shop engaged in retail business, location is a great element to your success, do not open a store in a blind alley where nobody goes, why shopping malls are popular in order to make all buyers / buyer in one place and open your business where you know where to buy any stuff goes.

Facebook is the same, is the world’s largest free public and you can tap into this free publicwhenever you want.

In addition, the general nature of Facebook, which is shared with the content and has spread virally, it means that you can make your message to a lot of people very quickly and Facebook has 90% of the work for you.

Facebook has 500 million active users, against which half of these users log on every day – and I’m only 4 years! If Facebook is a country that would be the third largest in the world, behind only India and China.

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