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To website owners, edu backlinks are the pinnacle of professionalism and link building. To get edu backlinks is to finally locate the holy grail. There is no use having a well designed website with informative content if your site do not show up in the first few pages of a search engine result. When it comes to Google, where most people go to search the Internet, having other sites linking back to your site (backlinks) is one of the sure fire ways to increase your page rank and visibility in search engines. It is important to appear on the first page because the vast majority of people do not search past the first page.

When you get Edu backlinks, you will eventually increase your website page rank. Google gives authoritative pages or sites high page rank and if they link back to your site, your page rank increases as well. With a higher page rank, your website tends to appear higher in the search engine results page (SERP). What Google deems authoritative are pages with informative, verified content which actually help users who search for related phrases or keywords. Some of these authoritative sites are those They are run by government establishments or universities and tend to be more professional most other sites. Of course, that’s not to say that there are not many professional dot com websites.

How to get edu backlinks is relatively straightforward. To earn the edu backlinks, you will first need to identify related dot edu blogs. The common way to get edu backlinks is to leave comments on blog posts or forums run by edu sites. Ensure that the pages allow ‘dofollow’ links, as you need it to get the so called Google juice. ‘Nofollow’ links mean the backlinks are not registered by Google thus giving no boost to your SERP. Find sites which allow dofollow links by using an extension, exclusive to Firefox browser, called StatusSearch. Then, you will need to write a comment or response to a blog post. The response can contain anchor text that links to your website. If you understand the topic well enough and can write something intelligent that adds to the blog, you will greatly increase your approval rating for publication.

Sites with dot edu in their URL usually ask the person commenting to create a profile prior to commenting. This is a good thing in your quest to get edu backlinks since you can also put a link to your site in your social profile there, thus getting yourself another edu backlink. Just remember that the edu blog is not a forum for blatantly advertising your business. You need to add value to the blog.

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