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Search Engine Optimization is the attempt to make a website more visible by using the means of unpaid or organic search results. Too many, individuals hearing the words ‘SEO’, automatically cringes as the science behind the process are not always easily understood or implemented. Luckily there are articles, like this one, available on the Internet to try and ease the understanding and implementation for individuals, by providing Google search engine optimization secrets.

There are indeed Google SEO secrets available for the Internet marketer, and this article is written to the ease your workload, by giving you a comprehensive list of what to keep in mind.

Keyword research is most probably the most important factor influencing the ranking of web pages on the Internet, and many articles are written just based on this subject. You can do keyword research within Google and this will give you a clear indication on how often a specific keyword is searched by people using the Internet. You might for example, own a pre-owned vehicle business, and wish to use ‘pre-owned’ as your choice of keyword in your website. Using Google, you might find that the word ‘secondhand’ is more often searched on the Internet compared to the word ‘pre-owned’. Keyword phrases can also be used instead of standalone keywords. Having the right keywords or phrases in your website will ensure that Google will pick up your site.

This being said, each page on your website should contain its own keywords and phrases as well, as each page are indexed by Google separately, and will therefore be seen as a standalone site. In a nutshell, one keyword/phrase to be used per page.

If you want to see where your keywords will rank, have a look at the following sites:,, and (only for Chrome and Firefox).

Title tags are another Google SEO secret, and are used to describe your website and the content; therefore it should be relevant to your website. It is also advised that the title tags should be a maximum of nine words or 65 characters. Search engines, such as Google, uses title tags to help rank websites and therefore using important keywords or phrases as your title tag is very beneficial.

WordPress is an application for blog publishing and content management in open source form, and powered by MySQL and PHP. In other words WordPress is used to create websites. The software in WordPress has been designed in such a way that it takes into consideration the mechanics of search engine optimization – there are plugins available. It, therefore, it is not only used to build great websites, but this Google SEO secret allows the search engines to find your site easily.

Backlinks are web links placed inside your website which refers or links back to other websites; they must be relevant to your website or the search engines will ignore them. These ‘inbound ‘links within the websites, were the primary methods used in web navigation, prior to the birth of search engines. Without backlinks, which contain relevant keywords to your site, your website will never rank on the first page of Google.

Another suggestion would be to back links inside your website as they are normally seen as a trustworthy source of information. In reaction, search engines will also deem your site as trustworthy and ranking will increase. With these Google SEO secrets implemented in your website, you will soon see the benefits thereof when your website’s ranking improves.

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