Have You Tried Social Media Advertising?

Have You Tried Social Media Advertising?

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  • RtGeorge

    I correctly predicted the the 2007/08 collapse of the the economy. For me, it began back in 2001 when I stumbled unto an article shedding information regarding the then status of the U.S. social security funds. For some reasons I was overwhelmed, and basically I am very intuitive when it comes to math. I can use my business background to pinpoint the approximate point of where thing might take place. So, I was right about that and many more things concerning the economy. Things are just falling into place almost exactly like can I see in my precognitive eyes.

    …So, this time I am seeing the dollar is going to loose a great percentage of its value that it is going to bring devastating affect on the whole wide world.

    I think we are about to enter a reversed standard of an economy where we our technologies will be able to survive, but the devastation is gonna have to do a lot with food and water shortages.

    I never that type of fear monger whistle blower, but I have got to put this out for you so I don’t have to feel the guilt of neglecting the purpose of having this abilities to be able to foresee the future of the economy.

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