How Mobile Is Changing Social Media

Social media is already the darling of the internet, since it makes it so simple for people to connect with each other. Mobile computing has grown simultaneously and changed the way we engage by

  • Allowing easier location tracking
  • Making it easier to connect with people on the go
  • Creating apps geared towards social interactions
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  • Brett Dovey

    Posted a comment on Mark Zuckerberg’s page !! The likelihood that it will be read … “‚ÄéMark Zuckerberg ….hey Mark !! Probably get a lot of suggestions etc. But here is perhaps one that can be of value to you guys ! I have a lot of friends that are you bbm …perhaps one of your developers inconjuction with BlackBerry could design an app that incorporates the bbm technology …. it can then be interfaced into facebook chat or something like that …. one way of keeping interaction with people ??” … something his team should look at …