How should a small business plan their SEO

Did you know that 70% of all online purchases are done after searching a product through search engines? If you have a site out there, you don’t want it to sit pretty on the Internet and feed on bandwidth without fetching you results. Your site needs to show up on search engines for a particular set of keywords. If you have a site that has been properly search engine optimized it can generate thousands of business leads without you having to pay for them. Apart from getting thousands of leads, you also get to brush shoulders with top ranking competitors in your segment. That simply means you can expect some of their high-profile clients to turn to you for better services. Organic search results are at least clicked eight times more than pay per click advertisements. So, your site needs to show up on organic search results and here are some tips to help you do that:

  • Make a list of keywords that are relevant to your business. Those keywords should reflect your business vertical, the level of services that you can offer and expectations that customers can have from you. Many online businesses make the mistake of optimizing their websites using highly competitive top keywords that everybody else on the block uses. If you have an e-commerce site you need to understand that a customer looking to buy roses right away would probably type “roses for funeral”,” roses for a birthday party” etc. and not just “roses” in search engines. These are called long tailed keywords and though they are less commonly used, they turn a search into a sale most of the times. Being a small business, first focus on the long tail keywords and then gradually move towards the shorter ones.
  • Make your presence felt on the Internet. Use the social media websites to connect with people and spread the word about your business and services. Also try social bookmarking sites because they have high traffic and could send some to your website also. Do a lot of forum posting (not spamming) and try to help people. Use your website links as your signature on forums.
  • The most important and difficult part of search engine optimization is link building. Try to get as many incoming links to your site as you can. Though all types of incoming links help a website, it’s better to have those coming from highly trusted websites such as .edu, .gov  and from those that have been there on the web for the last couple of decades. You could also build incoming links by posting articles on e-zines or on other websites and blogs (as guest author). While creating links, just make sure that the anchor text link flows from is relevant to your website.
  • Another most important aspect is content. They say that content is king; so, treat it like one and make sure that it’s compelling enough to make visitors come back repeatedly to your site.
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