How Social Media Monitoring Can Grow Your Business

Social networking is a great way to give your business a strong online presence. Creating good campaigns and profiles online can help you grow business if you monitor them properly by

Analyzing how it influences page views

  • Level of internet page traffic/site visits/page views
  • Amount of queries with regard to brand key phrase terms
  • Video clip as well as content material views
  • Quantity of followers
  • Volume of subscribers

Engagement: Engagemen may be the amount in which individuals connect to both you and your content material. Engagement demonstrates everyone is considering what you’re providing and are generally curious enough to sign up. This particular effective statistic can easily connect social media to market action, which usually shows its genuine benefit. Calculating engagement is very important so that you can discover how much and exactly how frequently users partake using your information.

Watching out for comments by followers to judge your quality

  • Unique Facebook fabn page “likes” Number of shares
  • Mentions (good, bad, impartial)
  • Website feedback
  • Rankings
  • Retweets
  • Photo/video views

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  • It’s true, social media monitoring does help slice-and-dice web traffic and understand who’s talking online. Using free tools can be helpful and is even recommended. However, paying for an enterprise level social media monitoring tool is a different story. Instead of paying for something that only fights half the battle (shows you social mentions and some cool graphs with sentiment, instead of showing how social data impacts your business), why not go the extra mile and get a social intelligence solution?

    I’m talking about a tool that not only shows you mentions, sentiment, and various other metrics, but actually correlates it to your key performance indicators so you can QUANTIFY your social investment and grow your business. Social media business intelligence is the next level of analytics and should be considering for any enterprise looking to grow their company utilizing social data.

    As far as free tools go, Crowdbooster and Trackur are pretty neat for engagement and monitoring. Thanks for the post!

    – Sergei
    @sdolukhanov (twitter)