How To Achieve A Top Search Engine Ranking

If you own a web site or you’re considering creating a web site, whether it’s for personal use or for business purposes, one of the things you’re probably most interested to find out is how to achieve a top search engine ranking. We’ll cover the best way to go about achieving that here and hopefully help you get your site ranked where you’d like it to be, at or near the top of the search results.

Why Is A Top Search Engine Ranking Important?

If you have a web site, one of the most important things you need to happen is to get your site in front of eyes. And not just any eyes, but the eyes of people who are, first of all, interested in what you have to offer, and, secondly, are ready to take the action you desire, whether that be making a purchase, subscribing to your newsletter or whatever the desired outcome is you’re looking for.

That’s where the search engines like Google come into play. Your web site needs to be found in the results returned by the engines as a result of a user’s query. But, just being found won’t do. In the same way the phrase “Location, location, location” applies to a physical site, the phrase also applies to a web site in relation to its position in the search results. It’s now known that, unless your site appears within the first 2 or 3 pages of the search engine results pages (SERPs), the chances are it won’t be found, since most users select a site from the first 1 or 2 pages of results, and, rarely, if ever, go beyond that.

So, achieving a top search engine ranking and getting your site on the first or second pages of results is vital.

How Do I Get My Site On The First Page Of Search Results?

The art of getting a web site seen on the first page or 2 of SERPs is known as search engine optimization. Search engine optimization, or SEO as it’s commonly abbreviated, is not a one-time event, but an ongoing process that consists of several distinct yet interwoven tasks. Here’s an overview of the major tasks involved:

1. Keyword Research

This is the foundational step in SEO and quite possibly the most important when it comes to taking a top search engine ranking. Choosing the right keywords is vital. But, what are the right keywords? In short, the right keywords for your site are ones that have very little competition yet for which there are a decent number of searches per month. Choose the wrong keywords, and your site may be destined to a lifetime of online anonymity.

2. Develop Backlinks

Another vital component of SEO is establishing links pointing to your site, or backlinks, from sites that have authority within your niche, or market. These can be established by requesting a link from another site owner (very hard to do for a new, unestablished site), writing articles, exchanging links, and even buying links, although this is not recommended.

3. Provide Unique, Relevant Content

Content is perhaps the most important feature of any web site, and one that rewards a great deal of care and attention. The search robots crawl through your site’s content to determine its relevance to your site’s topic – the more relevant, the more favorably the engines look upon it. The keywords you found during your research should be sprinkled throughout your content, but not overused as your content still needs to read naturally since it needs to please both the engines AND your visitors. Also, overusing keywords can cause your content to be classed as spam by the search engines. There’s no hard and fast rule but, if you’re aiming for a top search engine ranking, a suggested keyword density of 2-5% is the norm, or 2-5 keywords per hundred words of content.

4. Blogging

One way to achieve authority in the eyes of the engines is to create an online community. Creating a blog using free platforms like WordPress or Blogger is one of the best ways to do so. Search engines love blogs and by creating relevant, keyword-rich content, generating visitor interaction and linking back to your main site, you’ll see your rankings improve over time.

Learning how to achieve a top search engine ranking is essential to the success of your online enterprise, and, by applying the above strategy and consistently monitoring your results using Google Analytics, over time you’ll get the ranking you desire, and a steadily increasing flow of that vital ingredient to online success, traffic.

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