How to Build Your Business with LinkedIn Answers

Spending heavily on sales and marketing operations can lead your business into a bad phase. This has been a problem for the majority of people trying to make money through online means, but using your business with LinkedIn can bring many advantages. When you have an online presence with a professional profile available to everybody in this world, marketing your business with LinkedIn can be a great idea.

In order to popularize your business with LinkedIn, simply follow these steps –

  • Make sure you have adequate (at least 50) contacts on your LinkedIn profile, and that some of them are genuinely interested in knowing your opinion
  • Maintain a habit of generating survey questions to which your contacts can answer easily
  • Start answering questions with well-researched information so that people ask you more and get to know what you do
  • Make your business more credible by answering questions in your field, thereby possibly improving your brand image as an expert in your field
  • Choose any question category, tag or field where you think your products or services can be useful before answering
  • Explore and leave a message on most questions and discussions that you find have already started threading
  • Type out your answers in the text box that opens in the LinkedIn question pages
  • Restore your answers on your profile by choosing any of the search engine icons and adding it to your home page, where it will show for others to know your expertise
  • Make sure you are not answering the same topics too often.

If you have a profile, all you need to do is merge your business with LinkedIn without any financial investments. You can easily gain prominence and become known to an ever increasing contact list. The more you can market your expertise, the better you can build your business with LinkedIn

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