How to increase web traffic through link building


Stated simply (there’s more to it) – link building pertains to the SEO model where one way back links to a website are made. These are in essence incoming links to your page, and these links act like a VOTE for your page and site.

By creating links from related and authoritative sites back to your own web site you not only inspire additional internet traffic, you can raise your page rank (PR 1-10), and it may help with search website results pages. Some of the most successful link building systems are blogging, forum posting, article marketing and bookmarking and content baiting (writing inspiring content) on related and high quality traffic web sites.


But – do remember – fast, synthetic development of one way links is suspect so it is much better to form your links steadily as one would expect of a natural site and back link development effort.

It’s much better to use 2 heavy traffic (, article directory sites than to submit your articles to hundreds or maybe thousands of directories as this can create a great quantity of copied content which is devalued by the search site algorithms.


It’s also a mistake to put articles on your internet site that you have used for repeat marketing purposes because this would create reused content on your site. While you definitely need the advantage of back links to raise your search website results page ( SERP ) rankings, you want to consider other options which can influence your SERP position; like fresh, unique, frequent web copy content.

You can write blog articles on your own blog as well as write comments and postings on other peoples’s blogs that link back to your site.


Link baiting is an indirect link building technique in that you don’t immediately place the links, but encourage others to link back to your internet site or, more distinctively, a selected article or page on your internet site. Link baiting is attained by writing interesting, educational, funny or controversial articles that others are probably going to link to from their web sites or blogs. Ask what other info you can offer that may benefit others and lure them to link back to the data.

Discussion, humor, Top 10 lists, How-To articles and controversy are always preferred. Running a web contest is another link bait method, so too is writing free how-to reports, providing unrestricted access to an internet software application, or doing something new on the web that’s interesting or useful and grabs attention. Writing or revising informative articles for online encyclopedias like Wikipedia may also be a good link bait system.


Link building and link baiting are both effective for SEO, as well as traffic building strategies. If you strategically link one way from topical internet sites back to your own, you’ll gradually enhance your SERP rank as well as increase the number of visitors to your site and so your profits. You can’t optimize your site effectively and forget the significance of back links. It is starting to become more difficult to manipulate Google and other search websites by employing synthetic systems so it is vital to form natural links so as to gain lasting benefits for search site results rankings.

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