How to leverage conversion SEO for e- commerce marketing?

More traffic to your e-commerce store driven by search engine optimization may not necessary translate into greater revenue. A successful e-commerce marketing venture should target specific market that will buy products/services from your online stores and conversion SEO is mandatory for this. To leverage conversion SEO, you need to,

  • List out revenue- generating keywords

You should identify revenue-generating keywords and use them in your website content. Using tools that can track the traffic to your site, you should narrow down the keywords and phrases that are relevant to your target audience. Tools like HubSpot  highlight the customer visits and provides info on who visited, converted and did not convert.

Adding to this, you need to distinguish the keywords and phrases as high quantity and quality phrases. High quantity phrases indicate those that generate targeted traffic and high quality phrases refer to those that result in conversion SEO. Both these categories improve page ranks of your e-commerce site.

  • Boost the number of quality visitors

Quality traffic indicates that particular users visited your site since, your e-commerce store was exactly what they were looking for. With this kind of traffic, you can be assured of prompt conversions and lesser bounce rates. The users will linger on in your company website to find more information as it matches their interests and engages them.

Using specific keywords for e-commerce marketing instead of general phrases will ensure better conversion SEO, accessibility to your end users, who will stay in your website and click through it, longer.

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