How to run a successful social media contest

Engaging your consumers and subscribers in the process of your enterprise, is a foolproof marketing strategy. You can employ many different channels for this purpose. Of the many tools available to you in this regard, a social media contest is the most popular and probably the most effective too. Running a successful social media contest requires careful planning and concise steps. Since the endeavor can be a little confusing, detailing these steps beforehand is an intelligent approach. Here is a brief list of the general steps involved.

Chart out the objective marketing goals: Make sure you have full understanding of what it is that you plan to accomplish with this contest. Clearly underline your marketing objective and that will help you streamline your strategy for the social media contest.

Experiment with creative contest ideas: There are so many viable options for ideas on social media contests. However, do not just blindly copy other successful contests. Rather take notes and then get creative with your own customized ideas. You can base your contest on photo collections, personal experience story collections, new advertisement campaign ideas or even banner design contests. The idea is to make your subscribers feel involved with your blog or website.

Create a visual appeal with attractive designs: Launching the contest in style can overcome half of your hurdles in this process. Make sure that your contest launch and the interface is attractive and unusual. It should stand out in your usual website design and scream for the subscribers’ notice.

Track you contest progress: Make sure to use popular social media tracking tools to keep regular updates on your contest. You can also get your participants to interact amongst themselves by encouraging discussion threads and forum chats on your contest. This way you will also help share information about your contest and lure more participants to take part in it.

The ultimate tip is that if you started the contest, be sure to finish it too. There is nothing worse than an over publicized contest dying down mid way. Evaluate the contest results and choose a winner at the end of it. An even better idea is to get the participants to vote for the best contestant. Remember to have fun with your social media contest and enjoy the whole process even while employing it as the best marketing strategy for your enterprise.

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