How to use Video Marketing for better Online Brand Visibility

Many businessmen today are increasingly engaging themselves in online marketing to best promote their products and ventures. It certainly boosts your online presence and gives you that much needed visibility in and around the social media. But if you run a start-up or a small business, reaching your prospective customers may not be an easy task. Getting noticed is quite a challenge too. But the good news is that you can make of another incredible marketing strategy used today by many a businessman to reach their prospective customers. We are talking about online Video Marketing. How does online Video marketing serve you better? And how should one go about it? Read on to find out more.

Videos tend to be more personal and your viewers feel more connected to you through them. They better understand you and your product through the videos you post online than spending time reading up stuff about your brand. They (videos) are more likely to get you good page rankings too. And on top it, they are cost-effective. No wonder, it is creating a buzz in the online marketing sector. If you are new to the whole concept, hop on to explore some quick easy techniques to increase your online visibility via Video Marketing.

Record your video on your product/company and post it online through Video sharing sites like YouTube, Google video, Metacafe, Yahoo Video etc and follow these five simple steps to better your online brand’s visibility.

  • Give an attractive, noticeable title to your video. Use keyword-rich titles and optimise your video to increase your brand’s visibility to your prospects.
  • Provide genuine, quality information through the videos to reach your viewers and help them to know the services/products you offer. Post short videos as the lengthy videos may not interest many.
  • Include your website address (URL) in your video as it is a sure technique to get your brand new exposure and more visibility.
  • Linking and embedding the video back to your site and social networks is important to get more audience to your company’s site.
  • Video sharing sites like YouTube provide you a chance to upload videos with a small description. Include your link or a powerful keyword rich description which may take back your viewers to your site. Zoom out the important content on your site too.

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