Improve Search Engine Rankings Using Any of the 7 SEO Practices

An ongoing battle is in place in search engines between the ways of White Hat SEO against Black Hat SEO. The desire of many people wanting their websites to be noticed on the Internet is making them turn to different methods for search engine placement marketing.

Opt for the SEO Strategy that Works

There are seven different kinds of SEO strategies which you can use in your marketing campaign.

1) Get a Reciprocal Link – to be effective, this method must be done with one way back links. If you do, more visitors will go to your website. Become aware of this practice because search engines can easily identify users of reciprocal linking. But if you will also hide the reciprocal links and the one way back links, they will be ignored upon evaluation.

In the meantime, while important candidates are not yet identified, focus on creating more informative materials.

2) Redirecting Page – this is used to forward a visitor to a directed page which is effective if done on a short time basis only. Search engines have improved their process of identifying page redirects using Java Scripts. If they spot you doing this process, be ready to take a serious consequence. In redirecting, keep the Page Rank by using a 301 redirect. Keep monitoring this to make sure you will be directing to a page that has a working and correct web page and web content.

3) Invest money in links – be discreet in doing this method to quality and underestimated websites. This is so far the most effective strategy if you will only keep track on its progress. One way to evade being traced is to include the links in the body of the content. Two common characteristics are 1) it cannot easily be determined either by SE spiders or human editors and it cannot easily be copied by competitors.

4) Building Linking Networks – if you are building networks with coherence and relevance, search engines will give their approval. Google minimizes the acceptance of websites with many links that comes from similar IP address range. In order to hide any traces, you can use different hosts in building more back links directed to your site. However, if your contents for your websites are not sufficient, better forget about using this method.

5) Using Hidden Text – this is a content not seen by your visitors but cannot escape search engines; the idea behind is loading keyword/s to a web page and improve the ranking of this page. This is an ineffective way of investment of your time and money because it will not give good ranking results. You can use other better ways to improve rankings.

6) Employing Cloaking Method – this method is done by presenting two contents, one for SE and another for human users. If you master using this technique, search engines will not figure it out easily but you cannot ensure progress to your website when you do so.

7) Using Automated Content Generation – this is not a risk for those who have a clean intention and those who are willing to follow the proper ways of getting good rankings. Think of this, with the stricter way of Google in looking for dupe, it will be virtually difficult for websites to get good rankings with replicated contents.

These are the seven different approaches that you can take if you want to improve search engine rankings. Be cautious in using each approach so that you will not be tagged doing wrong moves and to ensure that you maintain your good rankings. There are also set regulations to make sure there is a smooth flow and order in search engines.


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  • Lorenzo

    Great information, making it clear that there is no easy way to climb on rankings and if you do, you can get slapped.
    Thank’s for sharing.

  • sreekumar sukumaran

    I have a doubt. In my above blog I occasionally give links for references.
    Does it amount to redirecting?