Integrating email and search engine marketing: 4 major ways

Integration of search engine optimization and email marketing offers marketers an immense potential for generating more traffic and leads to amplify the profits. Search engine optimization is primarily about driving more traffic and email marketing is an optimal source of lead generation. 4 prominent ways of integrating both are,

  • Link building content distribution using Email

With the leads provided by SEO campaigns, you can begin email marketing to the specific targets. Distributing infographics or blogposts, periodically using email will widen your reach that results in inbound links. You can then substitute the content on the specific pages with the distributed content including the lead generation offer and capitalize on the search engine traffic received by the page.

  • Social sharing and link building

It is a known fact that content should be spread to numerous people for building links in SEO campaigns. Is that enough? No. So, add social sharing links to the content you distribute through emails and encourage the receivers to forward the mail to their network through messages.

  • Using pay per click

Roughly, create a few subject lines and then design corresponding PPC campaigns. Now, you can easily check out the campaign that has more click-through rate and use the subject line of the particular campaign for emails that you intend to send out.

  • Landing pages and search engine optimization

For inbound marketing, search engine optimized landing pages are mandatory. So, apart from email marketing, you need to concentrate on optimizing the content of landing pages through appropriate titles and URLs and keyword optimization.

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