Is it Necessary to Train Your Staff in Social Media Usage?

Majority of business houses today, indulge in social media marketing extensively to promote their brand/services and products. Employees are also allowed to use social media by many business houses. In such a scenario, it is necessary to understand the social media skills of the staff and train them about social media usage

A training program should be organized by your company to inform the rules and regulations of the company on social media usage. The training should cover the significance of safeguarding intellectual property, confidential and classified info about employees and customers, violation of disclaimers and copyright guidelines.

It is important to train the staff not to abuse social media by indulging in libel or defamation through social media. Accentuating the need of limited usage during work hours is essential for higher productivity in the workplace. Employees should be taught to optimize social media usage to promote the company positively among the online users.

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  • sreekumar

    You are absolutely correct. Social media, now has become backbone of online businesses