Keyword Research Analysis For Best Search Engine Ranking

Keyword research analysis is essential to get the best search engine ranking for your website, article or blog post. The search engines such as Google is the cheapest way to generate traffic and without proper keyword research analysis people will not be able to find your website or article through the search engines. In this article you will learn how to do keyword research analysis to get the best search engine ranking.

A keyword in terms of search engine optimization (SEO) is the word or words that people type in when they search for something in for example Google. In SEO terms it is not necessarily just one word. It can be, but it can also consist of several words. If it consists of one to three words it is called a short-tail keyword. If there are more than three words, it is called a long-tail keyword.

To be able to get the best search engine ranking you will have to do a keyword research analysis to find out what phrases people type in when they are searching online. Then you use the keyword several times in your article, blog posts or website. The most important places to put your keyword are in the heading and as the first words in the text body.

The number of times you use the keyword is called keyword density. Do not use the keyword too much, because Google will notice it and see it as keyword stuffing and will then ignore your article or website. 1-3% density should be fine or as a good rule of thumb, use the keyword once for every one hundred word.

As you now know, we need to do a keyword research analysis to find out which exact keyword people are typing in when they perform a search, but another important aspect to get the best search engine ranking is to find a keyword that is not too competitive. The best keyword to use is one with a lot of searches, but does not have too many websites that are targeting the keyword we want to use.

To do a keyword research analysis, go to the Google Keyword Tool and type in a phrase that are related to your topic or niche. You will then get a list of related keywords and how many monthly searchers there are for that specific phrase. A keyword with 2000 or more monthly searches are good to use. You may still use it with fewer searches a month, but try to aim for about 2000 or more.

When you have found your keyword or list of keywords, go to the regular Google page to complete the keyword research analysis. Type in your chosen keyword within quotation marks to find how many websites that contains that exact keyword phrase.

If your keyword is targeted by less than 40 000 other websites, it is a good one to use and it is a good chance it will give you the best search engine ranking. 50 and 60 000 competitive websites may also be okay, but more than 60 000 usually means that the keyword is too competitive to give you a good search engine ranking. A good advice is to aim for long-tail keywords as it is easier to find less competitive keywords with long-tail than with short-tail keywords.

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