Keywords: key to your SEO strategy

Extremely vital for climbing up the Google page ranks, keywords decide your success in your business endeavor. Any online user banks on keywords to gather information on any field of area and the SEO strategy would rely on finding the appropriate ones that lead them to you.

Earlier, stuffing keywords in the articles were considered to be a way of increasing the search engine rankings but today, search engines brand them as spamming which actually results in low ranks. The key here is to use keywords in moderation adequately in the blogs and articles and not overdoing them so that they mar your purpose.

Your SEO strategy must focus on finding the keywords, keyword combinations and phrases that are relevant, unique and simple. Include your keywords in the URL, titles, tags and contents to gain more advantage. The density of your keyword must not be more than four percentage and less than one. These pointers will help you to develop a successful SEO strategy.

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