Learning to Blog By Using Facebook

Facebook has recently simplified how you use it with other social media services.  It has made life easier to bloggers out there. If you are a blogger and you are not linking your content to facebook then you need to think about it. Having a facebook account is a necessity to marketing your blogs through facebook. You can market your blog in other facebook groups, first search a group that has many users in each of the searched groups you can post a message on their wall. Or even you can join the discussion board of the group; also, you can post a link to notify the group members about your blog.

You need to be very careful when you are posting on their wall, post things that are relevant to the group and avoid using tormenting language.  If you do so you can be banned or removed from the group by the administrators. After posting the link of your blog in various facebook groups it will help you to get traffics into your website. Most people spent much of their times in social sites so by linking facebook with your blog will help you get many visitors to your website.

Fan pages are places where people normally post their links. You can also create a group of your own that will help people reach to your website, but this may take long because you need to invite friends to the group first. So many bloggers run to already established group and post their website links there.

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