Link Building For Beginners – How to Build Your Site PR!

Websites are made to be viewed. And this is exactly why link building is an important part of having a website, be it a blog, a corporate website, an e-commerce store, or whatever kind of website you may otherwise have. Unless the website was made purposely for an intranet infrastructure only, websites exist to reach a wider audience. To that end, link building is a key determinant for the growth of any publicly accessible website.

Perhaps you’ve just built your first website. You probably even acquired your own dot-com domain for it. Or maybe you already have several existing websites and are seeking effective ways to attract more visitors. By having links placed at other websites that directly lead to your own, you expand your site’s reach and scope of influence, thereby increasing the probability that your website will receive more hits. In other words, the more that other sites link back to yours, the more popular your website becomes and the more likely the number of your visitors will increase.

How then do you build links for your website? Understanding the concept of external links in relation to your site’s content will give you a deeper appreciation of the value of link building.

The Value of Links Explained

In a nutshell, building links is about increasing the number of external links from other websites that would directly link back to your site. Why would you want to do that?

Hyperlinks, web links or simply links, are the very fiber that makes up the World Wide Web. The logic is that the more links that go back to your website’s pages, the more popular and important it becomes. In relation to search engine optimization, having relevant external links will give your website a higher ranking when people perform a keyword search related to your site or particular website page. This is because the search engines assume that any relevant external link considers your webpage a valuable resource which is significant or important enough to link to.

Outside of search engines, links to your site expands your potential audience base. For example, let us place your current number of visitors in the 100’s and another site has an audience of 300. By having your link exist in the other site, you can potentially reach 300 more people who may just be interested enough to visit your site.

Hence, building links is an important undertaking for any website owner or webmaster. However, there is more to link building than just getting your URL or website address pasted on other websites.

Building Links Effectively

There are several approaches to getting your links published at other sites. Steer clear of automatic link exchanges and certain paid services that promise thousands of links for a large premium. Artificial ways of building links do not receive the favor of most search engines.

The best way to build links is by building content. By publishing well-written and relevant articles that have links referring your website, you stand to establish yourself and your website as a good resource for a wider audience. For this purpose, there are several article submission sites online which allow for links on the article itself or on a resource area after the article text. Another way of submitting articles for building links is by being a guest blogger or writer at another website.

Always remember that when it comes to link building services, just like any endeavor on the Web, content is key. By submitting relevant articles to key websites you take advantage of the benefits of link building in popularizing your own site.

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