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Social Bookmarking term can be confusing to beginners but all it means is building a link on any website that allows sharing and collecting of favorite websites. Different websites have different style themes. Digg for example is about news stories. One person submits a story. Anyone that reads or likes it can vote for it, increasing visibility. Then there is StumbleUpon which is a cool way to promote interesting websites that visitors can bounce around and explore. Google and Yahoo have a book marks section of their own, letting you save your favorite links.

Find a good website then create an account. You may have to confirm an email validating your address. Otherwise, it really is that easy to start building back links. Play around with catchy titles. You never know what might go viral once you put it out there for others to see. Use tags to add some extra keyword juice to the links. Get to bookmarking! This is also a great way to get search engine spider traffic to a new page quickly. The spiders search these high authority websites daily looking for new content to index.

There are hundreds and thousands of these websites. Like web directories, start with the highest ranking ones. Don’t waste your time with the less known websites unless you are struggling for link building ideas. I have compiled a list for you of my top 10 social bookmarking sites that have Do Follow Links. In no particular order: – PR8 – PR8 – PR8 – PR8 – PR7 – PR6 – PR6 – PR5 – PR5 – PR5

Some of these places frown on you promoting your website too much. It is best to take a few random news story links and sprinkle them throughout your account. Maybe a Wikipedia article link or two. Keep it looking natural and you can avoid getting your account closed for self promotion. There is some software out there which will automate a lot of these steps. However, you risk getting your account or website address banned if you get caught. I’d recommend treading with caution.

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  • sreekumar

    Thanks for the shared information. I shall be registering with some of the book marking sites you suggested.