Online Marketing: Affiliate Marketing on the Internet

Are you looking for a way to earn some money online? Have you tried the joining a lot of places only to get left behind and feel out of the loop?

Affiliate marketing is on the rise. It consist of many different types of business’s or opportunities.

As you go through the online ads, you will find many places saying join here. Then if you look at the link or click on the join here button, you will see you have a name or a special number that shows as your sponsor. That is how they keep track of who referred you to the business. If you decide to click on the button and join, you have now become a member of the affiliate marketing world online.

Now, what do you do next?

Most likely you need to confirm your email address so that they know you are human. This is a common thing to do after joining a site. You really need to set up an email address that is for business only. If not, you could loose some really important messages sent to you about your business. Keep the email address as free of junk as you can. Gmail offers unlimited emails that are really good for this.

So confirm your email. Then go to the site and log in.

Logging in opens a whole new world for you. Now you have a back office as they call it. Check out all the features of your back office. You could have a message from your sponsor waiting for you. Or a list of free things the site offers you to help you get started in getting the word out about this special place you have just become a member of.

You need to find your affiliate link. It can sometimes be on the front page of your back office or in the downline area where your future referrals will be listed. Go find your referral link/affiliate link and make a note of it. Write it down along with your id and password for future use.

Now check out the ways they have listed that you many use to advertise the site. Also the pre-made ads they have ready for you to use.

You are now part of a big group of people placing ads for that site. Place the ads in classified, free ad forums, signatures in forums you frequently post in, and many other places. There is an unlimited amount of resources out there to place ads in.

Once you ad is seen, you hopefully start to get responses. You won’t know if you get general looks at the site just to see what it is all about unless you update your affiliate link with a tracker link. Once you place a tracker link on the advertising sites instead of just you regular link they give you, there will be a way for you to know how many hits your site got and where they are coming from.

You want to get sign-ups as an affiliate of the site. It’s possible you paid money to be part of this business. If you did, then your sponsor got a percentage of what you paid. If they got 30 people to join, made $5 a person, that would be an earnings of $150. If you pay a month premium, your sponsor gets a monthly portion of what you are paying.

That is what affiliate marketing is. A group of people joining a site and all looking to get referrals so that they earn.

You do need to carefully review the site before you join. Maybe place the name in the search engines and see if you get any forums to pop up with messages about it. There could be good or bad ones.

A lot of people join a site and post it the same day. They have no idea if it’s a really good site or not. These people are only trying to make money off of other people.

There are a lot of good business’s that use skype or have forums so that there members can come in and ask questions. If you have a good sponsor that is there for you, that is great. Asking them a question may get a faster result, but if they just joined the same day you did, chances are, they know nothing. If you are joining site from a message, one you can respond to first, it’s a good idea to ask them how long they have been in the business and if they can show you any proof of payment. If they can’t show you any of that stuff, then sometimes it’s better to walk away or find out some more information on your own.

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