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Any one who is willing to learn to write, and observe a few rules that are unique to web site promotion on the Internet, can be effective at online marketing web page copywriting. Content creation for the web is just a variation of the traditional copy writing skills that magazine and newspaper writers have striven to perfect for decades.

In traditional advertising, copy must be catchy to grab the readers interest. There is nothing wrong with that concept, but it should be used in subtitles, not in the main title. Web page or blog post titles should be optimized for search engines first, and eyeballs second.

The search engines see your titles first and then readers after that. Catchy headlines are not as important as search engine optimized title tags.

There are specific rules that must be followed for your your web pages, articles and blog post titles. Titles should be keyword specific using optimized keywords that are rated for high traffic and low competitiveness.

Keyword research is one area of Search Engine Optimization and web site promotion that may require professional assistance from specialized SEO personnel. The mere fact that a particular phrase is highly valued as an advertising keyword, may not necessarily reflect the importance of keywords using organic, or non-paid search on the search engines.

The body of the web site should be sprinkled judiciously with keywords, but never overstuffed. A keyword density of around two percent, seems to be a good and very readable percentage. If the text is read out loud, it is easy to hear if it sounds forced or stilted. Above all online marketing web page copywriting should use good writing technique and effective style.

The best way to write the main copy of any web page, blog post or article, is to follow the A.E.R. approach. At the beginning of your information, announce or introduce your content, then explain to the reader the message you want to convey. Follow with a review of your premise in the conclusion. (A.E.R)

There is a wealth of information related to online marketing web page copy writing on the Internet, that can be found using a simple Google search.

Good Luck in all your web site promotion efforts.

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