Search engine optimization techniques- the best one!

Generating targeted and free viral traffic, search engine optimization is the most popular internet strategy for increasing online popularity, page rankings and brand visibility. Some of the time tested SEO techniques followed are,

Meta tags

Title tag, keywords tag and description tag are the three categories of meta tags and you must place your specific keywords in them to make your site, search engine friendly.

Navigational links

Placed at the bottom or the right side of the page, navigational links will allow the search engines to skim through the text and give it due importance.

Content optimization

You must submit the content or articles published in your site to article directories and social bookmaking sites to gain more exposure and popularity on the net for effective search engine optimization.

Alt Tags

Search engine spiders may be unable to read images so, place ‘Alt tags’ along with them which will impact page rankings.

Keyword placement

Put the keywords along the bottom part of the web page and appropriately spread keyword along your content during a successful search engine optimization campaign.

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