Search engine placement – stay on top of your game!

Despite offering high quality and unique products/services and having a good website, are you still not getting enough customers? Then, it’s time to review your search engine placement.

Your position in the Google and Yahoo searches makes a lot of difference since the higher your placement, the better your visibility. The more visible your brand/company is, the more the traffic and simultaneously, the revenue. With tough competition around, it is very difficult to stay in the first page of searches but you can consistently get higher rankings through,

  • Ideal keywords, keyword phrases and combinations

Using a keyword that has been used by companies in galore will result in lesser ranks. Try finding unique keyword combinations that are relevant, to get higher search engine placement.

  • Appropriate keyword density

More than 4% of keyword density prompts the search engines to declare your content as spam and less than 1% makes it irrelevant. For better search engine placement and traffic, use keywords appropriately in the content.

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