Search Engine Ranking – Top 5 Positive Factors

With the advancement of search engines, the search engine ranking determinants have been identified as to be based on more complex and critical algorithms. While there are many SE ranking factors that contribute in a positive manner, some of them not. In this article today, we will find out top 5 among many others that positively influence SE rankings.

Keyword integrated anchor text from relevant external links

Anchor text refers as the visible set of characters, words and phrases that are hyper-linked together to link up to another document found on the web. Keyword integrated anchor texts from relevant external links are believed to be one of the positive search engine ranking factors that improve ranking for a specific and targeted set of keywords, if used wisely.

Now let us take an empirical example. Say a marketer read a blog on latest strategies employed to market a product and he liked it. Now when he wants to share this reading with his friends, he blogged on it and linked the article (that he read on another site) with a phrase as ‘latest product marketing strategies’, or ‘market a product’, etc. Just like this, someone else might do the same and the article is linked from different domains.

This human-powered information sharing is what search engines like most. Depending on the keyword integrated anchor text linking from relevant external websites, search engine measures the weight of the target site (or the target page) and retrieve the relevant search queries for it. They consider this practice somewhat neutral and unbiased and hence produced by real audiences. This factor in combination with other complicated and advanced natural language processing algorithm makes up the giant share of link relevant determinants on web.

Quantity and Quality (Popularity) of External Links

External links are those links that offer link juice by sharing back links to the targeted page. According to many top SEO experts, external links are believed to be as one of the most relevant and important factors for gaining higher ranking, as search engines consider the back links attained from external links as the votes from third parties.

Miscellany of the Link Sources

Getting links from one root domain is not sufficient to get higher ranking. On the other hand, the miscellany of the link sources gives a serious boost in search engine ranking, thus it is considered as one of the prime search engine ranking factors. Just make it sure that you are driving links from good neighborhood.

Keyword used in the title tag

The title tag is the main text that explains what the online document is about. It is one of the most important search engine ranking factors that appear in three key positions –

(1) on browser (at the top of the browser);

(2) on search results page (shown up in the results pages) and

(3) on external websites (typically external websites link the document using the title tag).

It’s is important that the title tag must have a relevant and concise description of the document for which it is used. While it has significant importance in SEO, but you should act mindfully while deciding the length of the title tag and you must make it sure that the length must not exceed more than 70-100 characters in length.

Trustworthiness of a domain

The trustworthiness of a domain is believed to be another important search engine ranking factor that has too much weight these days. Based on algorithm developed by Yahoo, MozTrust, a 10 point logarithmic scale, offers a calculative quantification of trustworthiness of a domain based on link distance from trusted domains.

Just like other major search engines like Google or Bing, they collect information of trustworthiness on the basis of incoming links, showing inherent trust to the targeted domain. Examples may include government websites or university websites, which are considered to be the source of strong trust endorsement. This is why many SEO experts say having back links sites have huge significance when it comes to a boost in search engine ranking.

So, these are the top 5 search engine ranking factors which you must want to work on for your website, if you need to watch major search engines to become highly generous for your website ranking and search engine visibility. However, you must understand that there are still more ranking factors that must be taken under consideration.

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