Small businesses and local SEO

With the web world becoming one global community, small business owners who focus on the local area for marketing do not get their due. Now, using the recent search engine tools, local SEO for small scale businesses is possible. For beneficial local search engine optimization,

  • Bid automatic indexing goodbye

Don’t depend on automatic indexing to make you visible. Get listed in local business listings, search engine local business sections, Yellow pages, Yelp and City search.

  • Declare yourself exclusively local

Provide all details inclusive of your company address that has the street, city and state details and phone number in all the pages of you site so that local customers can contact you.

  • Build local links

Create a network with people and business houses related to your field and request links from them. Reciprocal linking can be a great option to build links for local SEO.

  • Post favorable local reviews

Request your customers to share their opinions and provide feedback on your services and products. Favorable feedback can lead to effective local SEO marketing.

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