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The whole online world is just so complicated with the links and their effects on the web rankings that nearly no professional webmaster can deny their positive and powerful effect on the ranking and placement of websites in search engines.

When you are going to analyze the complex system of pushing a website upper through the search engines pages, you should have a great company called links package.

Although content and word of the mouth can help a new website jump start to some acceptable rankings, yet without the friendship of some authority links, your competitors will be relaxed as you will not be able to reach them when it comes to having traffic coming naturally and through the search engines.

Even the term link, can mean different things to different webmasters, while some pros might argue that they only observe some high PR and Gov and Edu links as powerful and workable, others might believe that the procedure can be more friendly by grabbing some blogs links or through some web directory listings.

Since the majority of web traffic is coming from the three brothers of Google, Yahoo and MSN, let’s just take a close look at the way links are believed to be determining factors in the success of any website in the search engines.

For reaching the top positions in all the three main search engines, you need links. Until a few years ago, especially for getting to the top of Yahoo and MSN, some onpage tricks would do wonders.

But gradually these search engines too followed the path of Google in stressing more on the existence and power of links pointing to a website to specify the ranking of that website.

The links, can be established through a number of ways but not all the links can be called authority ones. The links will also act differently in each search engine, for example, Google always analyzes a link when it reaches it.

You might not be able to see the positive effect of the links established and listed in Google in a short period of time. People often have to wait for sometime before the links are adding values to their websites.

If you are adding links to your older websites, you already are one step ahead than if you just want to commence optimizing your newly set up domain name.

Google is the leader among the other engines to value older domains a bit more than the new ones.

But Yahoo and MSN can be called more user friendly and by adding a few links, you can have some quick responses and jumps in the search engine rankings.

Please keep in mind to concentrate on the quality of the links established rather than the quantity. It’s been seen that even one very powerful link can send a website to the first page of the search engines, but tens of minor, low quality links might do nothing.

The terms like authentic links can really be true when you search the web to finally add quality links to your website and very soon, your links will be flashing with power.

The real success story behind some websites getting to the top is behind the strength of the links pointing to them. In some cases, some quality and authority links can be bought, like purchasing the yearly Yahoo directory listing.

Such link will certainly have a great effect on your ranking, and all search engines, and especially Google will regard your website as a reliable website because the Google guys already know you respect your website and have already paid for an expensive link.

Powerful links are the ones from quality websites, and on pages that closely match your website subject and web field.

Please note that quality should be the primary idea in your mind, and quality cannot be achieved through rushing link building nor through purchasing many links overnight.

Search engines love the websites with patient webmasters and fresh content And powerful link popularity.

Many authority websites might have moderate PR strength yet being at the top of the search engines for the key terms specified.

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