The Importance of Page Backlinks and Domain Backlinks

Page backlinks refer to the given number of external links that point to a specific page on a website. There are two types of backlinks. There are page backlinks and domain backlinks. Domain backlinks refer to the given number of external links that point to your domain. It’s important to have a healthy mix of both when doing your SEO efforts.

So why are page backlinks and backlinks in general so important to to achieving top SEO rankings?

The search engines put a lot of weight on the number of external links that point to a website. Having a lot of links that point to your website shows the search engines that your website is relevant and important.

If you’re looking to achieve top SEO rankings then it’s important to have a high amount of backlinks to point back to your website.

It’s important to remember that all backlinks are not created equal.

Having links that point to your site from higher authority sites such domains carry a higher amount of weight then just some random link that points to your site. Even though page rank may not carry as much importance anymore it’s still important to get links that point to your site from higher ranking sites such as article directories, Squidoo lenses, YouTube videos, and hub pages.

When submitting your articles to article directories it’s important to put a link that points back to your original article in the resource box. Ideally you’ll want to post your original article to your blog then submit your article to numerous article directories, Squidoo lenses and Hub pages, then create a link that points all of this traffic back to your original blog post.

Following this technique will show the search engines that your site is the authority on the content that you produced, rather than the article directories, and this will get your site ranked higher in the search engines because all of the higher authority sites are linking back to your original post.

There’s a really valuable keyword research tool called Market Samurai that shows you the number of page backlinks, and all of the competitive info that you need to know about your competitors. Market Samurai will give you competitive info such as domain age, Google index count, page rank, number backlinks, DMOZ and Yahoo listings, and so much more valuable information. This tool is crucial if you’re looking to achieve top SEO rankings.

Before you post any content on your blog it’s important to make sure that your content is optimized properly using on-page SEO techniques such as proper use of h1 tags, alt tags, and rel=”nofollow.” A great tool that will help you with on-page SEO is SEO Pressor. This tool will make your blogging experience so much easier.

Remember that backlinks are king.

The weight that backlinks carry may change down the road but as of right now it’s so important to get as many page backlinks and domain backlinks as possible from high authority sites if you want to dominate the first page of Google and achieve top SEO rankings.

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