The Secret to Getting the Top Search Engine Ranking

If you are trying to grab the top spot on any search engine ranking for your website, there are a number of factors that you need to consider in a development process. None of them, however, are more important than keywords.

After all, human users type in keywords when they search for information on the Internet. You can be sure to get the top spot on any search engine ranking if you optimize your website with the right keywords. Here are three tips that can help you with this task.

1. Find out which keywords are right for your website.

The best keywords for your site are the ones most descriptive of the products and services you offer. They should also be low-competition keywords. You can insist on using high-competition keywords but do not expect to beat your biggest competitors off the top spot of the search engine ranking unless you have the resources for it. They are more than willing to fight for their place.

2. Place your keywords properly.

You definitely should include keywords in the body of your website content. However, do not forget inserting your keywords in anchor texts, titles and headers. Also, make sure that your keywords will make sense to your human readers with the way you place them in your web content.

Even if you can fool the search bots in indexing your site with badly placed keywords, you will still turn off your human readers if your keywords are not inserted naturally in your text. Your human readers are more important, after all.

3. Avoid keyword stuffing.

Aside from the fact that human readers do not like to read articles and website content that do not make sense to them, search engines like Google actually penalize websites that stuff too many keywords in their pages. Keyword stuffing will actually backfire on you rather than give you top spot on a search engine results page. So, you should avoid doing it.

The right usage of keywords is very important in optimizing your website and making sure that it gets the top spot on a search engine ranking. Always pay attention to your keywords whenever you design your website.

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