Top 3 Small Business SEO Tips for Link Building

You have created a website because you want to earn from it. Simple! It often happens that even after optimizing a website; webmasters do not get enough organic traffic. Under such circumstances all you need is link juice! Here are the top three small business search engine optimization tips for link building:

  • If you use the yahoo back link checker to check websites you’d see that there are a lot of websites that have tons of back links pointing to them; while there are others that have very few links pointing to them. In many cases you would see that websites having fewer back links rank better compared to those who have many. The reason behind this is quality is more valued compared to quantity by the search engines. As a small business owner, you need to try and get back links from high authority sites e.g government websites, university websites, pretty old websites that are considered authority on a particular topic and high-ranking blogs. It’s not really easy to get back links from such sites, but it’s definitely worth the pain. A single back link from a .edu site has more value compared to hundreds of back links from e-zine articles.
  • Now that you know that back links from high quality sites are important for your business, you need to know how to get them. You need to have excellent content on your website. Post quality content and post regularly so that both search engines and high quality sites start recognizing you as an authority in your niche. Keywords are definitely important, but they need to come naturally in the course of your content. Search engines have become very smart nowadays; they no longer rank websites that are stuffed with keywords. The new algorithms have the ability to identify quality content and that is how they rank websites now. Once you have quality content on a website you could even write to the authority websites asking them for a review of your content. If the content is good enough, in most cases they reply back by placing a back link to your website.
  • Do not ever try to buy links from other websites. They are not worth the money and if you get caught your site might get penalized also. It’s advisable that you look for human edited business directories and get your site listed there. Such back links have some value. Also, try and visit every place on the Internet that is related to your niche. Offer people genuine help related to your topic and you would get back links even without asking for them. Forums, social media websites, blogs and discussion boards are the places where you should go and help people.
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