Top 6 Methods of Link Building

Link building is single most important strategy for effective search engine optimization. With tons of websites being added to the World Wide Web everyday, it is very important to keep your website popular by creating high value back links. Beginners commit very obvious mistakes in their link building practices which can be easily avoided if one follows the recommendations. A well planned link building campaign guided by a professional SEO expert or your own regular efforts to create back links can improve your Google Page Rank quite a lot. Every other inbound link on the web is an entry point to your website. Earlier people used to exchange links with each other. Now this practice is dying out slowly because search engines prefer one sided links. Top ten methods of link building are listed below:

1. Get a link from a non-commercial website – Your website’s ranking will have great boost if you can get a link from non-commercial websites domains. These links are very important for a high page rank now.

2. Links from an article submitted to article directory – You can submit your high quality articles to several free article directories on web. Some of them have strict recommendation for writing rules. This strictness is only going to help you if you are creating good quality content by keeping spammers and low quality material away. Your links will be in the body of your article or in author information box.

3. Get links from popular websites – This is a little difficult task. However, if you are good at networking with people online, you can do it really well. Getting a link from the internet giants like yahoo or Wikipedia is a huge plus to your search engine optimization efforts.

4. Stay away from link farms – These are the websites which exist only for putting up links. Your site can get banned by search engines like Google this way.

5. Improve relevancy of you links – Your links (inbound and outbound) have to be highly relevant to the content to which they are pointing to. If you point to a website from your page, make sure the link is relevant to your own niche.

6. Use interesting link baits – Link baits have been around for quite a long time now. These are the interesting articles that people like to share with others. Keep publishing such content from time to time and let people talk about it.

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