Two steps for making your business blog interesting

Having just a website will definitely not be enough for increasing your online presence so, companies today have engaged in creating a business blog and maintaining it, consistently. However, having an additional space online for posting your content may not be sufficient. Only when the blog is interesting, will you drive traffic from it.

Ways to an interesting business blog

  • Adopt personal tone 

It is almost a hazard, when you are a professional that you appear business-like all the time and even in your blog, the tone is reflected. The flipside is that you are not addressing a meeting or making a presentation in front of your clients or an agency but you are communicating to actual people. To grab their attention, you need to be informal, engaging and proficient.  A friendly tone in your content will help them to relate with your topics and opinions, however, if you sound very matter-of-fact, they may feel disconnected from you. Talk through your blog, chip in with anecdotes and crack jokes to make it interesting to the readers.

  • Work on the format

When your blog revolves around the same industry and keywords, it will tend to create monotony and a well-written business blog might become boring and dull. Ensure that the blogposts are unique and deal with topics that are relevant to you and try different formats. Incorporate interviews, newsbriefs and latest developments along with photographs. Apart from this, endorsing many a business blog written by employees will reveal your business enterprise’s unique and genuine persona to the online community.

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