Video Marketing & Video SEO

A Quality promotional video ad that is well promoted and distributed will

Increase qualified web site traffic
Increase the optins on your landing pages
Increase your conversion rates
Increase the backlinks to your web site
Amplify your online reputation with subject matter info
Improve your organic search engine rankings
Build trust with potential clients
Build relationships with current clients
Increase value of your business in your industry

– 52% of all web traffic is video (according to industry watchdog, eMarketer)

– More than 70% of all web visitors watch online video (according to NY Times)

– YouTube had 9.5 billion videos viewed by 138 million Americans in one month (according to comScore Media Metrix)

– The average YouTube visitor spends 27 minutes watching video per day

– Online video is more popular than use of portable MP3 players (38 percent).

– Watch video online is the most popular emerging media activity, and equal to the number of people who text-message via cell phone. (Touchpoints IV survey)

– The search engines visit video sites every few minutes—so your videos appear in Google, Yahoo and MSN just MINUTES after you submit, not days or weeks

– Cisco boosted traffic to its site 600% by added streaming video

– Because video is so popular, video links and clips often show up before other content

– Between April and June, 94 Million U.S. based internet surfers viewed online videos… spending 73 minutes per month on average (comScore Media Metrix)

– 123 MILLION Americans viewed online video every month in 2007 (Emarketer estimates)

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