What does SEO mean to you or your business – SEO Strategy

To some it means simply putting together a series of inbound links that look like a science project and to others it looks like an online marketing business building plan aimed to actually brand and generate revenue, I think I would take the second approach. The right SEO strategy is not complicated but rather obvious to anyone that is wearing their entrepreneur pants.

Here are some tips for putting together your ongoing SEO strategy:

1. Never go after links from irrelevant sources. This meaning that if you sell car tires a link on a baby product website is absolutely NEVER going to help your link building in any way.

2. Always be consistent. One thing you do not want is to do a big push forward than stop, than do a big push forward and stop again. Keep it consistent and cut that big push forward and spread it out over 2 months rather than doing large “thrusts” of marketing efforts and stopping.

3. Don’t focus on websites that clearly have no link power. If the website just launched that link might not be that great for link building. Age will help link building in a much greater way.

4. Don’t focus on just one area to market yourself. Keep things diverse and your SEO strategy will go much further than just finding a certain location to hammer into the ground.

5. Don’t syndicate an article across a thousand directories thinking you are going to get anything out of that. That type of approach worked years ago and is no longer a real viable SEO marketing approach in today’s online market place.

6. Lack of deep linking. Build links to your important internal service pages and popular blog posts. This will spread your SEO out throughout your website and not just your homepage.

There are good approaches to marketing yourself online and there are bad approaches. It is important to realize that some of the older search engine optimization approaches that were used years ago are simply not the right way any longer. Building a business online now calls for a quality approach backed by a solid plan.

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